how does it work

In brief HGGL works as follows:

  • Suppliers select the products they want to present on the HGGL webshops.
  • HGGL arranges the connection between webshops or home pages of the exporter/trader/wholesaler and HGGL.
  • The exporter approves which HGGL-suppliers are allowed to offer their products on his webshop.
  • The customer of the exporter need to use his unique login code, provided by the exporter and HGGL, to get access to the webshop.
  • The exporter does not have to provide any specific customer information i.e. customer addresses, contact persons.
  • The exporter decides which markup he wants to take on the base prices set by the supplier. These final prices will be seen by the retailer.
  • Orders are fulfilled using HGGL protocols which are approved in cooperation with the exporter. In doing so there is overall clarity concerning delivery window, dispatch information etc.

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