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about hggl.

Home Gift Garden Logistics BV is the marketplace for home, gift and garden products. A special cooperation with flower shop (source) suppliers gives HGGL the possibility to offer a very broad assortment of accessories and life style articles presented through our webshop.




HGGLs main target group is the flower of plant trader. These wholesalers can extend their product range with accessories and lifestyle products. With the help of the HGGL service this can be convenient achieved in a confidential and professional manner. This can be arranged by connecting the webshop of the trader with the HGGL webshop...
The suppliers select their products which are attractive to the flower and plant segment. The product information per item consists of among others, a product description, quality photographs, volume indication, etc, etc.
The retailers flower and plant needs are more and more fulfilled by means of the webshop of his supplier. With the help of HGGL the supplier of the retailer is able to offer next to the main products also a wide range of accessories or ‘hardware products’. Often the retailer will hardly notice that HGGL is involved and there is actually no need for it either...
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